• (CNN) "Free Guy" is a cleverly programmed wedding of star (Ryan Reynolds) and subject matter, in a movie that's silly, handsome-looking and a great deal of fun, in roughly inverse proportion to how much one sweats the details.
  • Traveling inside videogames doesn't always end well cinematically, but this "Guy" braves that familiar scenario and comes out ahead.
  • Although there's a bit of "Ready Player One" baked into the colorful world that Reynolds' Guy inhabits, a more appropriate (if loftier) spiritual heir would be "The Truman Show," to the extent the central character discovers that the world he's living in is completely artificial, a construct for the amusement of others.
  • Guy, it turns out, is a non-playable character in this videogame world, living out the same routine over and over.
  • All that changes, however, when he encounters Molotovgirl (Jodie Comer, an Emmy winner for "Killing Eve" ), a visitor from the outside who has entered Free City on a very specific mission, and who stirs reactions in Guy that bring him very close to tilt.
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