• No matter what happens, they'll be milking the Predator franchise for years to come.
  • A couple years back it was announced that the series would see another movie that would serve a prequel of sorts.
  • The new Predator was long teased to take place before the events of the classic '80s film and would set down on Earth once again.
  • The new title Prey was also revealed along with some title art and poster art for the movie.
  • Check out the tweet below that features the art and title card.
revicon • 2 years ago
revicon • 2 years ago
If there isn't a choppa I'm not watching it.
revicon • 2 years ago
Summer 2022 is looking up, nice 🚀
hobojoe • 2 years ago
Are they making any effort to follow the storyline from the comicbooks?
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